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Who Is My Counselor?

Counselors are assigned learners by alpha, so your counselor is determined by the first letter of your last name. Contact information can be found here.


Counselor Availability

Counselors are available to meet with learners on a drop-in basis before school, during breaks, Office Hours,  and after school. Learners can make an appointment with their counselor by contacting our Counseling Clerk Ms. Phoebe.


The District provides school-based mental health/ wellness services and resources ( or to students and families. These services include short-term individual or group counseling for students at the school site; short-term, solution-focused therapy for students and families through the Irvine Family Resource Center; and resource linkages to community-based mental health or social services for students and families. Services are provided by counselors or licensed mental health professionals.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which classes should I take the following year?

We encourage our learners to take classes that match their strengths and interests. Through our classroom guidance lessons, planning conferences, parent information meetings, and email/text alerts, the counselors provide timely information to ensure that our Portola families are aware of their options at each grade level and learners are taking the necessary classes to meet graduation/4-year college eligibility requirements.  We also recommend that you consult with your teachers when considering your ability to manage advanced level classes.

Which courses can I take as a 7th or 8th course?

Athletics or "service" courses are offered as a 7th or 8th course. Athletics counts as 2 courses (7th and 8th period), and a "service" course either provides a service to our school (i.e. Yearbook, Modern Media, Video Production, etc.) or is larger and performance-based (Performing arts). Courses designated with a (7/8) will count as a 7th or 8th course in the PHS Course Offerings section.

Is it necessary to take a 7th or 8th course?

No. Taking and passing 6 classes per year will allow you to receive credits above and beyond what is needed to meet graduation requirements and 4-year college eligibility. Consider taking 7 or 8 classes only if the classes align with your genuine interests.

Is community service required to graduate?

No. Although Portola High School does not require community service for graduation, we believe community service to be a valuable and rich experience for the high school student.  Students who complete 25 community service hours per year will receive recognition of those hours on their transcript.  Community service hours completed during the summer can be included in the school year following that summer. More information can be found here.

I am concerned about my friend's personal well-being. What should I do?

Inform a trusted adult on campus (ideally someone from the counseling team) immediately! We cannot help if we are not aware. Your report will remain confidential, and we will promptly follow up with the learner to ensure that he/she receives the necessary support. Details on getting help can be found here.

I am having trouble forming or maintaining positive peer relationships. What should I do?

Let your counselor know! We can provide guidance on helpful strategies, facilitate with conflict mediation meetings, and refer you to Project Success so you can practice building positive social skills along with your peers in a confidential group counseling setting.


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