9th Grade



9th Grade Parent Information Meeting (Fall 2023)



Your 9th grade year is the perfect time to EXPERIMENT! Make new friends, try out a bunch of on-campus clubs, try out for a sport, and attend the many events that our school hosts throughout the year! Your level of engagement will set the tone for making the most out of your Portola experience the following years!








The PHS Counselors deliver guidance lessons to learners, once during fall semester and again during spring semester, to  inform  you about our role in supporting you academically, socially, and emotionally, what classes are needed to meet graduation and 4-year college eligibility requirements, how to register for classes not only during your 10th grade year but also during the summer, and answer any questions you may have! We also host Parent Information Meetings to keep your parents in-the-know about everything happening at Portola! Come visit the counseling office and say "Hi!"! laugh