Mission & Vision

The vision is that Portola High School will be a place where every learner belongs, contributes, and thrives.

The word “learner” was intentionally chosen to include not only students but adults, as well. In this rapidly changing world, we all need to be continually growing, taking risks, and experimenting with new knowledge and skills. From the vision, came the mission and our Bulldog PRIDE (Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Drive, Empathy) motto which describes the characteristics desired of each student to demonstrate on a daily basis. At the core of the PHS work are the Learning Outcomes. Teacher efforts each day are driven by a commitment to help each learner become Capable, Creators, Communicators and Contributors. Each of these Learning Outcomes (L.O.’s). is defined by a set of 21st Century skills that will be specifically addressed across the curriculum and through our advisement program.



Mission Vision Values and Goal


PHS Foundational Principles