Parking Permit Information and Smart Start Dates


Student Parking Permit Information


Complete the online registration form by clicking the link below:


2023-2024 Portola High School Student Parking Permit Application


You will be asked to provide the following documentation:

  1. Date and location of Smart Start IPD presentation
  2. Proof of a valid Driver’s License
  3. Copy of registration for your vehicle
  4. PHS photo ID card
  5. Proof of payment from ASB ($80 a year*)


PHS students will be able to park their registered vehicle in parking spots that are not marked Staff, Fire Lane, Loading, and Handicap. The parking permit can be purchased for $80 a year* through ASB, or at the Web Store. The parking permit will be put on by the Campus Control Assistant, and it will be displayed on the front window of the vehicle. Permits are not allowed to be taken off and put on another vehicle. Vehicles that are not displaying a parking permit will receive a warning and may be subject to towing at the owner's expense. Students MUST park only in authorized student parking areas. 

IMPORTANT: Students must obtain a parking permit by September 22nd. The week of September 18th to September 22nd, all cars without an official PHS Parking Permit will receive a warning. Starting September 25th, all cars without an official PHS Parking Permit could be subject to the following: Car Boot ($25.00 to remove) and/or parking citation issued by the Irvine Police Parking Enforcement Unit.


Students who meet the following requirements will be eligible for a Parking Permit:

  1. Attendance at a Smart Start meeting at any IUSD campus at any time prior to issuance of a parking permit
  2. No more than 20 tardies, or 10 truancies in the prior semester
  3. Assertive Discipline will be reviewed by an administrator and determined whether a student has earned their parking privilege


Parking Permit Expectations:

  • Students will drive slowly, respectfully, and safely at all times on campus
  • Students will park in white striped spaces ONLY. Students will NOT park in the Staff, Visitor, or Handicap Spaces
  • Parking permit stickers will be displayed on the front windshield


Consequences for not meeting expectations:

  • Students not meeting expectations may receive a detention or Saturday school
  • Students who accumulate 20 tardies or 10 truancies in the current semester may lose their parking privilege
  • Excessive violations may result in the placement of a tire boot ($25 removal) or an IPD parking ticket
  • PHS Administration reserves the right to revoke any permit if any of the above expectations or other expectations in the Bulldog Code of Conduct are not met


*Permit Price: $80/year

  • $60 if purchased after the end of Quarter 1
  • $40 if purchased after the end of Semester 1
  • $20 if purchased after the end of Quarter 3


If you have any questions, please contact the Campus Control Assistant Office: (949) 936-8217.