The Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) program at Portola is designed to complement a pyramid of interventions that rewards learners for making academic and personal choices that lead to success and well-being.


Pyramid of Intervention



Teachers give monthly PRIDE Awards, which recognize learners for exemplary display of school values:


P PERSEVERANCE Demonstrating Grit and Resilience
R RESPECT Promoting the Well-Being Of Self and Others
I INTEGRITY Being Honest and True
D DRIVE Pursuing A Passion
E EMPATHY Caring For Others


Together these values make a school-wide behavioral matrix that guides the development of multiple things on campus like lesson planning, attendance procedures, and department interventions.

Portola hosts a semi-annual PRIDE Luncheon where learners who display all of the school values are honored by their teachers and principal.

End-of-year Top Dog recognition programs have also become an essential feature of our school culture by honoring athletes of both physical skill and value-honoring character.

Over 85% of learners surveyed in the fall of 2018 agree or strongly agree that the PHS staff makes our shared PRIDE Values an important part of their learning experience.

The counseling team plays a large part in Portola’s PBIS program and goes out of their way to be available to learners, to visit classrooms regularly, to attend school events, and to provide multiple means through which learners can reach them.