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Naviance is a comprehensive tool that helps prepare our learners with their college/career readiness. Every learner has free access to a Naviance account which they can use throughout their years at Portola. This software is generously sponsored by Irvine Public Schools Foundation and Flex College Prep.

Reference the following tutorials below to understand the ins and outs of using Naviance!

Logging Into Your Account

Log into your Naviance account using the following information:

Email or Username: Your grad date, followed by your last name and first name (up to 14 characters)

Password: Your Long ID

An example has been provided below. If you run into issues logging into your account, please contact your counselor for assistance.

Navaince Login

Creating Your Resume

Here is information on updating your resume. Remember to update your resume with your activities, volunteer activities, and awards/honors each year to keep track of everything you have done! You can also export your resume to use for any jobs or internships you plan on applying to.

To access the resume feature: About Me > My Stuff > Resume






Searching for colleges using supermatch

Here's how you can search for colleges of best fit using Naviance's SuperMatch! You can filter colleges based on selectivity, location, size, major offerings, etc.


To access the College Supermatch: Colleges > Find Your Fit > SuperMatch






Adding Your College List on Naviance

The tutorial below will show you how to add colleges on your list on Naviance!





Accessing the PHS Letter of Recommendation Survey

Here is how you can access your PHS Letter of Recommendation Survey. You are able to continually make edits to the information you input. Be as thorough as possible, as your counselor will be using this information when writing your letter of recommendation.


To access your PHS Letter of Recommendation Survey: About Me > My Surveys