10th Grade

Am I on track to meet 4-year college eligibility requirements and to graduate? What classes do I take my junior and senior year? When should I take the SAT or ACT? What are my options after high school?

With the understanding that your sophomore year is an important year where these questions will need to be addressed, the PHS Counselors conduct individual Sophomore Planning Conferences for our 10th-grade families from November-March. During this 45-minute meeting with you, your parent or guardian, and your designated counselor, we will discuss your transcript, the credits you've completed and still need to meet graduation/4-year college eligibility requirements, evaluating the results of your Naviance Career Interest Survey, and using these results to help guide you with your junior/senior year course selections and your postsecondary plans. We will also cover your timeline with taking standardized exams, and answer any questions you may have!

In preparation for your meeting, you will need to watch the sophomore planning conference video below and answer a Naviance quiz that will be assigned to you: