Social Studies




The Portola High School Social Studies Department works to empower students to become engaged and effective 21st-century citizens. Our work is driven by the following values...

  1. Active Learning: A student’s effective participation in the unfolding direction of their own learning program produces growth in ALL students.

  2. Global Empathy: Knowledge of self and others creates the opportunity for students to understand their world and to build a peaceful and prosperous future together.

  3. Engaged Citizenship: All students should work to merge their passions with service to their local, national and global communities.  

  4. Valuing Complexity: The world is complex and all students deserve the opportunity to receive instruction as to how to manage that complexity appropriately.  

  5. Intellectual Courage: All students must receive instruction on how to engage in a civil discourse in order to build our society's capacity to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Portola High School Social Studies Mission Statement

Our department will serve our aforementioned values by...

  1. Providing access to dynamic instructional strategies, which help all learners access our curriculum. We believe that how something is taught is at least as important as what is taught.
  2. Building a comprehensive historical, cultural, and social science program delivered by a passionate and caring group of teacher-scholars.
  3. Collaborating with all disciplines and programs on campus to deliver to our learners the most balanced and relevant citizenship development experience we can envision.