11th grade

Junior year is the optimal time to start thinking about your plans after high school! What careers are you interested in? What college majors and colleges interest you? It will be a good idea to explore your interests on a deeper level, whether it's taking leadership or being more involved with clubs, volunteering, and taking relevant classes.


In an effort to help you with planning, the Counseling Department plans advisement lessons on creating your college list via Naviance's Supermatch and on selecting your college major. In spring semester, we will be meeting with each of our juniors to go over the college application process more in-depth and help you balance your college list options. Lastly, we plan on collaborating with the Literature and Language Department to help you understand the factors that go into writing a quality college essay! If you have any questions or you're overwhelmed at any point, please reach out to your counselors. 


Remind - Class of 2020