Textbook Policies

Click here for a list of adopted textbooks for the 2020-2021 school year

Damaged Books

Students are responsible for keeping textbooks issued to them in good condition. Students should check textbooks carefully for damages at the time of issuance and report any damage or problems to library staff within one week of check-out. After this time, the student is responsible for any damage and a fine may be assessed. Under California Ed Code Section 49014 (g) (1), students are responsible for the replacement or damage cost of school district books or property loaned that the student fails to return or that are willfully cut, defaced, or otherwise injured. Students should write their name on the inside front cover of the textbook to prevent it from being mixed up with classmate’s books. Fines for repair are assessed when books are returned with damages. Books that are returned with stains, mildew, mold or water damage will be obsoleted as a total loss and full replacement price of the book will be charged. Textbooks returned after the end of the semester in which they are due may incur a late charge. Fines will be assessed for the following textbook damages:

  • Missing or defaced barcode

  • Writing or highlighting on the pages of the book

  • Broken binding

  • Missing or torn pages

  • Cover damage or excessive wear

  • Water damage, mold or mildew

Lost Books

Students are responsible for paying the replacement cost of all lost books. Books purchased new or used from another source (i.e. Amazon) will not be accepted as a replacement for the original book. Students should contact the Learning Commons staff as soon as they realize a book is lost so that we can check to see if it has been returned.

Book Covers

Students should cover textbooks to protect them from damage. Grocery store paper bags are perfect for this and offer the best protection. Do not use sticky, stretchy or adhesive covers on books. These types of covers damage the outside of the book and binding and a rebinding fine will be charged.